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We have 20 April 2018 born Production Dorset/White Dorper ewes available. These ewes are high quality ewes that lambed as ewe lambs. A purebred white Dorper ram was turned in October 20, 2019.

$400.00 in groups of 5 or more


We have 11 May 2019 born 3/4 White Dorper-1/4 Production Dorst ewe lambs available. These ewes are high quality ewe lambs that will be ready to breed December or later. They are on some mixed feed and hay. They are used to guard dogs and electric fencing.

$300.00 each for the group


We have 12 Boer cross does for sale. Four of the does are yearlings. A boer cross buck was turned in October 20, 2019.

$250.00 each for the group


Lynne and Russell Edgar
16850 North Liberty Road
Fredericktown, Ohio 43019
740-485-0195 (Russell) Text is always best
740-485-1495 (Lynne)

Lynne and Russell Edgar edgar4554@gmail.com


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